General Notices and Policies

1. Any account not paid within forty five (45) days will be charged a 2% interest per month until payment is received.


2. Any account not paid within ninety (90) days will be placed in collection unless prior arrangements have been made.


3. Any account not paid within one hundred twenty (120) days will be placed on cash only basis until further notice.


4. Garment decorated special orders require a deposit of $25.00 or 50% of estimated order total before work begins.


5. Customers will provide, when requested, name, address and telephone number.


6. All orders must be picked up and paid for within two (2) weeks of being notified the order is complete and ready for pick up otherwise a surcharge may be applied.


7. Returns or exchanges will not be accepted without a receipt.


8. Electronics such as bulbs, all sales are final.


9. Returns for repair work require proof of purchase.  No receipt—customer is responsible for repair costs.


We will gladly accept your American Express Cards—however, a 3% fee will be added to cover processing fees charged by American Express.


Purchasing agents including Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations or individuals Requesting tax exempt status, must provide appropriate tax exempt forms to be placed on file.


Donation will not be made through advertising agencies on behalf or your organization.    Donations will be given to the organization in the form of either a gift certificate or merchandise.  These items must be picked up at the store with a receipt provided for tax purposes.


All decorated items must be returned unused within ten business days for credit or replacement.